Sara Barbieri Femme Rebelle

A brand of a woman for women, Femme Rebelle creations are born from a melange of passion, study, technique and stories. Character clothes for the maximum expressiveness of one's personality.
Each dress is made with Italian fabrics, by hand, in my workshop.
Many dresses are unique pieces, if you buy it, you will be the only one wearing it.
My philosophy is to be an original alternative in the clothing market for women who love each other regardless of size.

  • The touch collection

    Unconventional Clothing

  • Preorder Clothing - PVC and lace trench

  • Voyage Collection

    Fall Collectio 2022

  • About

    Rebel and unconventional that's who I've always been, since I was a child.
    I grew up in a family of artisan artists, where clothes and accessories were made for customers and for ourselves, where the smell of glue and leather invaded the rooms, where on Sundays we gathered to listen to the violin of our maternal cousins ​​who were teachers at the conservatory.
    We weren't a rich family but we were talented.
    Growing up I've always been singled out as the weird one, I've always preferred being the black sheep to being part of the flock, I felt more like myself ... More real, I loved my different style. As a teenager I sewed my own clothes, my family taught me everything I know ... Growing up I took a different path, I was dazzled by the glitter of big earnings and put the passion aside, but one day I entered the workshop of one of my customer ... And there I smelled the leather, the glue and the fabrics ... In a second I took a journey into the past ... We began to collaborate and with great sacrifices, double jobs, renunciations but a lot of passion I resumed my road and my secret dream. Of course I can't compare myself to the success of the greats of fashion, but I too have had great satisfaction in helping many women to feel special, beautiful, desirable and self-confident, to bring out their true personality.
    And this, to me, is worth a thousand times more than a photo in Vogue.
    And it will be so as long as I have the strength ...
    xxx SB